Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This Is What We Do All Week During the Stamping Gala . . .

There is always a crowd in the store during the Stamping Gala – and yesterday was only Monday!  By Thursday, it will be wall-to-wall – and we even have events scheduled on Saturday if you’re only planning to spend part of the day at Stampaway.  Then Sunday will be wall-to-wall again for those who need an extra day of fun before heading home.

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Monday was Day Two of Ken Oliver’s visit to our store – while I was there, it was nonstop fun and lots of laughter.

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Meanwhile, Lynn Brown was next door at Marco’s Too conducting the last of three Free Make and Take Projects for the day.  There are three more today – and tomorrow – and Thursday – and Friday – and Saturday . . . (you get the idea), along with a few classes sprinkled in and specials each day.

mondaypicoftheday tabs

Judy Davidson has been taking pictures and e-mailing them to me – which is really nice since I can only bounce in and out once or twice each day.  Judy begs you to bring your tabs into the store and fill this jar. They will be donated to Dayton Children's Hospital in the name of Heather Visser from Stamps by Judith & Heather.


Here’s a special event planned for Wednesday – might even do it again on Thursday if the demand is there.  Join Lisa Nelson on Wednesday at Marco's from 11:30-3:00 for "How/What Day" -- your chance to ask all of those crafting questions stuck in your head!


Look for the big banner next to the entrance to the store . . .

Click on this link to see the schedule for the week . . . Join Us!

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