Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Didn’t Know She Had It In Her . . .

Talked with Mom and Dad last night on my way home from the bowling alley – Dad spent much of the time adding details to some pictures he texted to Blake and me during the week.


Mom has started hiking with him.  Not the “All-Day-20-Mile-Hikes-With-4,000-Feet-In-Elevation-Changes” kind of hikes that he subjects us to – but much more challenging than I expected.  You need to understand – my mom loves to walk and often walks several miles at a time, but she prefers her walking paths to be paved.  So she has rarely joined Dad on the trails – until now.

downsized_0325150658 downsized_0325150645

Dad, Blake and I walked past these rocks about a month ago, going and coming from “The Dome”.  This is one of my favorite spots around Tucson . . .


I have climbed up on those rocks several times over the years (this one was taken last year).  It’s not an overly strenuous hike to this spot, so I assumed that Mom was just humoring Dad with short stints on the trails.


And then he sent me this . . . and I went into shock.


Blake and I stood between these rocks in a howling wind five years ago.  This is the Bug Springs Trail off Mount Lemmon Highway well above Tucson . . .

DSC01834 DSC01836

And getting to that spot involves doing stuff like this!  When we hiked this trail, Dad hadn’t discovered hiking poles yet.

downsized950401150747 DSC01845

Thankfully, Mom was able to take advantage of them – Blake and I have seen those rocks as well.  But she said her thighs were really sore the next day. 

I really wish we had been there to see this in person – the words I have typed here really don’t express my astonishment (and pride).

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hello and Goodbye . . .

This is the hello – to the April Distress Color of the Month . . .


I guessed purple . . . again . . . and it wasn’t . . . again.  But Fossilized Amber will be coming soon – order yours now!  The complete set is 20% off the MSRP with free shipping in the Continental U.S.

And this is the goodbye – today, we gathered in the classroom at our store to celebrate a life.


David’s family put together a display board filled with photos from his life.


From where I was standing, I could get only about half of the people who gathered.  It was a memorial that David would have enjoyed – we swapped stories, laughed and cried, and shared good food.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Arrangements . . .

img_0716David Ihle 4x6

Memorial Gathering for David Ihle

A Memorial Gathering in honor of David Ihle will be held at Marco’s Paper, 25 West Whipp Road, Centerville, OH 45459 on Friday, April 3, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

After a Prayer and Scripture Reading, his family will share memories and thoughts of David.  They also invite any other family and friends to share their memories and stories. 

One of the things David enjoyed most was Marco’s potluck luncheons with our customers.  If you’d like to bring a favorite dish to share, please feel free.

In lieu of flowers, to help the family with medical expenses and funeral costs, donations may be made to:

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Loss in the Marco’s Family . . .

Please keep Karen, her children (Michael, Scott & Ashley) and their families in your prayers.  There is no easy way to say this, especially when it’s unexpected – David Ihle died this morning. 

img_0716David Ihle 4x6

For the locals, he was the big guy sitting at our front counter telling stories – and on the road he ran a cash register in our booth for several years.  He has been part of our “family” since the mid-70s when he started as a pressman in our small print shop – which is what we were for a long time before the crafters discovered us and changed all of our lives.  Arrangements will follow when we know more.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Best Moment of the Allentown Show . . . for Two Years

I first met them at the Allentown show last year.  Just after the show opened, I saw a woman and her husband walking down the aisle toward our booth.  She was wearing the familiar ball cap of someone who has been battling cancer – I have noticed them so much more since my mom wore hers.  Then I realized they were not just walking toward our booth – they were walking toward me.  She had a message that she wanted me to deliver.

She had just finished chemo.  During the process, she had read the blog posts and pictures that I had posted while Mom was in her shoes three-plus years ago.  I remember asking Mom if I could share what she was going through, wondering if she would allow something so personal – so threatening – to be read by people she didn’t know.  Now this stranger was telling me that my mom’s courage and grace had been an inspiration to her – and she wanted me to thank Mom for her.

Of course, I was happy to do so – I flashed a big smile and told her that I would look forward to seeing her again at the show next year.  As they walked away, I also wiped away a tear as I realized that what I might look forward to doesn’t always come to pass.  But I delivered that message to Mom and we shared a few more tears.

“Next year” was yesterday . . .

Just after the show opened, I saw a woman and her husband walking down the aisle toward our booth.  She was wearing the familiar ball cap of someone who has been battling cancer – but this time there was hair underneath!  And I smiled and said, “You’re back!”


We had a great visit, and remembered the visit last year.  I learned that she had brought her husband to the show last year so he could come and shop for her in case she couldn’t later on.  I am so glad that they were able to come together again this year.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t even know her name.  But I am so glad that she is still here – and still fighting – and that Mom and I were able to play a small role in her journey.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Smart Local . . .

Most of you know the drill when new items are announced – we take “advance orders” for them and then ship them in the order they were received once the new item arrives.  But what that usually means is that everything in the first shipment we receive (and sometimes the second) is already sold – which means that none of them make it to our store here in Dayton for a long time.

For years, I have encouraged the locals to place advance orders, too – and we’ll fill and send them to the store for pickup while we’re shipping to those of you in the hinterlands.  Several take advantage of this – and have always put a note in the comments section at checkout so we know to send their orders to the store.

Until today . . .


Robyn Trimble gets a gold star – she is the first to actually list the store as the shipping address for her order!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Challenge for the Locals: Feed This Box . . .

I was just at the store on a “quick grab” of items to fill orders.  The Wednesday afternoon Make & Take was just starting – and before anyone knew I was there, I heard my name being dropped.  Didn’t hear why, but the first thought that entered my mind was “uh oh” – then Judy Davidson spotted me and I was brought out to face the masses. 

So I said the first thing that came to my mind – “Today must be Festivus – we will now commence with the airing of grievances.”  (A disclaimer – I have never watched Seinfeld – but I have heard this episode mentioned many times and someday I will watch it, because I love the idea)

But thankfully, I wasn’t in trouble.  Instead, the ladies had been discussing a service project that they wanted me to share with the masses.  And they even handed me a script.  Therefore . . .


Do you have any cards you’ve made that you won’t use soon?  Consider donating them!  One Bistro in Miamisburg sells handmade cards with envelopes and uses the proceeds to feed the hungry.  We keep a collection box at Marco’s – on the windowsill near the office.  Thanks!


And then I went to the windowsill.  This is the box – and it is hungry, too.  So the challenge to the locals (and to those of you in the hinterlands – if  you have extra cards to put to good use, send them to us) is to put your talents to good use and feed this box.  And those who are less fortunate at the same time.

If you want more info about One Bistro and its mission to feed the community, go to