Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So Far Behind and So Little Time . . .

I am so far behind.  In many ways, it’s my own fault – but every fall it seems that several shows and my golf trip all seem to come up at the same time.  And it did again this year.

This was my schedule for the past few weeks . . . on Friday, October 2 I drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana to set up for the show there.  Then I drove home that evening to announce the high school football game, and drove back the following morning.  Did the show Saturday and Sunday and drove home.  Spent Monday, October 5 unloading and loading the truck for the following weekend’s show.  Left my house at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday and drove to Winchester, Tennessee to play golf for three days (somewhere in the middle of which I found internet access at a marina nearby and did e-mail).  Got home at 8:00 on Thursday, was in bed by 9:30 – got up at 2:30 a.m. on Friday, October 9 and was on the road by 3:00.  Drove to York, Pennsylvania and set up for the show there.  Pat and Dave from Heirloom took me to dinner for my birthday after setup.  Did the show Saturday and Sunday and started the drive home Sunday night – until I blew a tire (again) and spent the night at a nearby motel.  Got the tire replaced on Monday morning and drove home.  Which brings us to today, where I am at work on a relatively normal schedule for the first time in almost two weeks.  That will last for today and tomorrow – on Thursday morning, I’m off to Sevierville, Tennessee for another show this weekend.

And some of you are sitting there and thinking, “He thinks HE is busy . . .”

What all of this means is a lot of new items released over the past couple of weeks and I simply haven’t had time to tell you about them.  Now I realize that some of you check our website regularly to see if anything has changed, but others wait for me to spread the word.

carvedpumpkin (1)

Like this – the October Distress Color of the Month is Carved Pumpkin (how fitting).  It was announced on October 2 and I am finally getting around to posting it here on the 13th – and it will arrive here from Ranger today.  All weekend long in York, people asked whether the October color would arrive in time for them to do their Halloween projects – and I found out Saturday evening that the answer was YES.  And we’ll have some at the show in Sevierville this weekend.  Well done, Ranger . . .


Lots of other new items from Ranger were announced the same day – they aren’t here yet but should arrive soon.  New Stickles colors, foil sheets, Glitter Dust, a Paper Mosaic Kit, and more.  And of course all of this is 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.


Real Time Correction – as I typed that last paragraph, the bell on the front door dinged, and the UPS driver came in with the October Color of the Month and more than half of the other new Ranger items!


And Spellbinders came out with a new Platinum machine (that will cut up to eight layers in a single pass).  It cuts over 40 different materials including wool, balsa wood, chipboard, craft metal, leather and so much more.  And there is a whole new line of dies.  Check it out!

I’m probably missing something else, but now I need to help with shipping those Carved Pumpkin sets so you can get started on your Halloween projects.

A few images from York and the golf trip to clean out my cell phone camera . . .


There was no way I was going to win on the last day of the golf trip when one of the guys had superpowers . . .


But this golf ball deserves mention.  It was my faithful friend for three days – 63 holes – on a heavily wooded course – it went into the woods multiple times, and even in the water once – and I didn’t lose it.  I sometimes lose two or three balls in nine holes.  So now it goes on to a well-deserved retirement . . .


I found this ball in the middle of the 2nd fairway on the last day of the golf trip – I suspect it had been clipped by the mower . . .


From York – my friend Dee Ruger has been getting around on this contraption since she tore her Achilles tendon six months ago.  And it struck me that every girl needs a bell on her bicycle – so I went out to Walmart after setup and bought one.  Her husband Cal and I put it on the scooter when Dee wasn’t looking – but she noticed it as soon as she hobbled back.  I heard that bell ringing off and on all through the weekend . . .


And the obligatory “Cal asleep at the show” shot . . .

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Staying Connected Is Sometimes a Challenge . . .

It has been a hectic week – a very hectic week.  The Fort Wayne show was last weekend, and afterward I spent most of Monday loading/unloading the truck to get ready for this weekend’s show in York, PA.  Because in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning, I headed south to play golf with friends for three days at Tims Ford State Park near Winchester, TN.

All of this meant that by Wednesday afternoon, I had not been online to check e-mail since Sunday morning – and there is no internet access anywhere in Tims Ford.  But the folks there told me that I would probably be able to get online at the marina nearby.


So this is the view as I finish e-mail and type this blog post.  I have been in much worse places – the weather is gorgeous, the friends are top-notch, and even my golf is OK.

Hope to see many of you this weekend in York – or next weekend in Sevierville, TN . . .

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where Do We Start?

Where do we start? All of these arrived at the mail center within ten minutes of each other this morning.

20150922_141652_resized 20150922_141525_resized
20150922_141516_resized 20150922_141444_resized

Looks like we have some shipping to do!


And this is just for fun – I dropped off our company truck to be serviced this morning, and this old fire truck was in the lot.  Immediately thought of my cousin Tom, who since birth has been fixated on everything involved with firefighting.  I sent him the pic – thought some of you might enjoy it as well . . .

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oh How I Love It When New Items Ship Early . . .

The notice arrived a couple of days ago – one of those messages I love to read or hear . . .


Sizzix was letting us know that the new Crazy Things die set is on its way to us – it was expected in October but it looks like we’ll actually get it (and so will most of you) in September!  It should arrive by midweek and we’ll start shipping the advance orders immediately. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, you have until the shipment arrives to get the introductory pricing and free shipping.

Ranger also shipped a bunch of new items that should arrive by midweek – the September Distress Color of the Month (Wilted Violet), Distress Minis Set #14, and all four of the Designer Accessory Bags from Tim Holtz, Dyan Reaveley, Wendy Vecchi, and Dina Wakley.

We are going to be so busy next week . . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

With the Name, It’s Hard to Believe That I Forgot . . .

I sent an e-mail out to our list about ten days ago, announcing 213 new dies from Memory Box and our intention to put them on sale for 20% off the MSRP through September 10.  When I do that sort of thing, I usually put a note on the blog as well – most of you probably get the e-mails, but some of you are “blog only”.  So I laughed sheepishly this morning when I realize that I had forgotten to mention the Memory Box dies – there is an irony to that.


Here is the verbiage from the e-mail . . .

“Have you discovered the fantastic dies from Memory Box?  It has taken me days to get all 213 of the new dies from Memory Box, Open Studio, and Poppystamps on our site -- every time I thought I was done, I found more! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some time looking through them -- if you need a good reason, they're 20% Off the MSRP through September 10!

“A moment of reality here -- with 213 new releases, some of them are going to be popular and some aren't.  So we can't stock all of them, but we can get them within a week or two at most.”

So if you didn’t know about this before – you do now.  And you have three days.  I might even let it slide through until the weekend just to make sure you have enough time.


Speaking of weekend – this was most of mine.  This limb covered a large portion of my neighbor’s backyard.  The split in it – about halfway from the beginning of my chainsaw cut to the edge of the picture – concerned her.  It had been there for several years, since a storm where the limb was likely struck by lightning.  The split got longer but it seemed pretty sturdy to me – I figured it would eventually come down in a storm and I would have to clean it up then.  But her concern finally trumped my interest in seeing how long it would stay aloft with that split.  So over the course of two days, I cut it down and disposed of everything.  Sometimes the best part of a holiday weekend is getting back to work so you can rest . . .


I finished the limb work just in time to clean up and enjoy this.  Since Ryan and Emily had to work last Sunday when we celebrated Mom’s birthday, we set up a time where we could meet at a local emporium for ice cream.  Blessed is the mother whose birthday celebration lasts for ten days . . .

Friday, September 4, 2015

It’s Finally Purple . . .

I started predicting it in March, but I was wrong – in March, April and May – and then I finally gave up.  This was living proof why I don’t bet on anything.  I tell people that I have made thousands of dollars in the lottery over the years – because I have never played.


So today it finally happened – the September Distress Color of the Month is Wilted Violet.  As usual, you can order all six pieces for 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.


Don’t forget that the second set of Distress Minis (Set #14) will also release this month – if you haven’t ordered yours yet, you can include it with your order for Wilted Violet.


And this was unexpected – today Ranger announced new Accessory Bags featuring four famous designers (Tim Holtz, Dyan Reaveley, Wendy Vecchi, and Dina Wakley).  I suspect these are going to be popular (sounds like a comment from “Captain Obvious” in the commercials I have seen way too much on TV lately).  This leads to a logical question: We have never carried Dina’s creations before – should we?

I hope that all of you are able to enjoy the holiday weekend.  I am already dressed for the evening – tonight marks the beginning of my 36th season announcing the high school football games in my hometown. 

And in response to many of you who encouraged me to take the plunge after the picture and comment from my mom’s birthday celebration last weekend – I’m getting the new mower tomorrow (from Lowe’s, of course – have to support my son’s new employer).

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Christmas in September . . .

I sat down to my computer at work this morning – going through the e-mail, one of the first items I saw wanted to know when the Tim Holtz Christmas Items that were on his blog yesterday were going to be on our site.  My initial reaction was “I did that back in July” – little did I know that there were more.  As I have said many times, I appreciate so much that our customers take the time to tell us what new items we need to be looking for.


If you didn’t know either (or even if you did), you can click on this link to see the Idea-ology goodies for the holidays.  As usual, they’re 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. for a limited time.

And while we’re at it – don’t forget that the September Tim Holtz Distress Color will be announced at noon EDT on Friday!  I won’t put a link here, because it will change as soon as I add the name of the color to the item listing – but I’ll include it on the page of Idea-ology releases so you’ll be able to find it there as well.’