Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Join the Movement . . .

What started as a weak attempt at humor – in what has become an ugly political season – has started to gather a bit of steam.  And it has truly been fun . . .


I had this great picture of Zoe looking regal, and saw a banner at the YMCA soliciting donations for underprivileged kids, with the idea that the Zoe (a little girl) in its campaign could grow up to be president in 2064.  And I thought, “That’s 48 years away – my Zoe can run now.”  So I put a graphic on the blog, and printed a couple of 6” x 11” pictures of it – one for my refrigerator at home, and another that I put near the cash register in the booth in Collinsville, Illinois.  A customer there suggested that the “Vote Zoe” movement needed its own Facebook page . . .


So on Friday evening in Collinsville, I created the Vote Zoe 2016 Facebook Page.  If you haven’t seen it yet, by all means click on the graphic or the link – take a look at it and “like” it!

zoedaisy zoewinston zoejake
zoemrwrinkles zoeendo zoegreta

Within a day, friends and customers started sending me pictures of their dogs (just a few of them pictured here) to be considered as potential vice presidential candidates . . .


And Mary Kay (who used to be Stamp Camp) sent me a picture of her cat.  The “vetting” of running mates has been such a blast – I have shared all of them on the Facebook page.

Then the next week, I put the picture in our booth in Grapevine, Texas – where the show promoter saw it and said, “Oh, I thought this was bigger – I was expecting a banner.”

20160804_130201_resized 20160804_135443_resized

So when I got home from Grapevine, I went online and ordered a banner – which went up in the booth in Cincinnati last weekend.

20160805_182015_resized 20160805_184322_resized

And with the Friday night theme being “Create Your Own Tiara” – it seemed only logical . . .

20160805_183359_resized 20160805_215153_resized 20160805_221736_resized

Ginger from our store wanted one – so did Pat from Northwoods, who wore hers in their booth all evening . . .

FB_IMG_1470454189270 FB_IMG_1470454198957
20160806_145833_resized 20160805_200000

Constituents of all ages (and genders) wanted one – a lady even had the campaign on her phone!

I told my wife a couple of nights ago that I have had more fun with this campaign than any I could remember – and it had absolutely nothing to do with the candidates from the “other” parties. 

You are invited to join the fun – go to Facebook and “like” the page – and if you’re interested, you can send a picture of your dog (or cat) with a short description of qualifications so I can post it there for “vetting” as a potential running mate.

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