Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Stampaway XXIV Tiaras . . .

Since 2000, one of the highlights of Stampaway has been the costume theme of the Friday Night Preview Party.  XVII (that’s seventeen, folks) years of costumes – thankfully (from the perspective of someone who spent several of those Friday nights in drag) the themes have become a bit simpler the past few years.  This year, it was “Be a Princess – Create Your Own Tiara” – and it was a blast.  I’m sure I missed some, but here are the best ones that I saw . . .

20160805_180504_resized 20160805_175934_resized

The Art Gone Wild/Inky Antics/Stampers Anonymous/Darcie’s Heart and Home crowd always goes all out . . . Ted Cutts’ entry reminded me a lot of his Shriners’ Fez.

20160805_130208_resized 20160805_180343_resized

More of the Cutts entries – hard to believe that Ted’s daughter Katie is now 15 . . .

20160805_180318_resized 20160805_182132_resized 20160805_183218_resized

More of the male entries – Rick Holland from Our Daily Bread, Gary Burlin, Tom Creek from Creek Bank Creations.  Yes, I know Gary’s isn’t really a tiara, but he wore it like one – and you’ll see later that another entry doubled his.

20160805_190256_resized 20160805_215153_resized

Judi Watanabe from Judi-Kins and Pat Niemuth from Northwoods Rubber Stamps.  And now, on to the customers . . .


A group shot of all of the winners . . .


This pair won first prize – his crown actually lit up on demand.  I assumed they were probably members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, but they said no.  The rest of these are in no particular order . . .

20160805_190439_resized 20160805_190543_resized

As I said, two pairs of glasses on the head doubled Gary Burlin’s entry . . .

20160805_204826_resized 20160805_204804_resized

Crazy Birds – but I believe they told me this was officially “Crazy Forest” . . .

20160805_205522_resized FB_IMG_1470454189270

Our friend Janet Winkle and her daughter-in-law – Donna from Verses Rubber Stamps and her granddaughter

20160805_205700_resized 20160805_205739_resized

A lot of serious work went into this entry – she said there were memories from each class she took this week, and an autism theme

20160805_205706_resized 20160805_205721_resized
20160805_205808_resized 20160805_210552_resized
20160805_210606_resized 20160805_210649_resized

I think that covers most everything I saw – except ours . . .

20160805_182015_resized 20160805_184322_resized

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