Friday, April 27, 2012

The Most Beautiful Head of Hair I Have Ever Seen . . .

The first day back at work after a few days off is always challenging – especially when it’s also the day to load the truck for a show.  The general rule of thumb for me is if I set a time when I’d like to be on the road, I should add two or three hours to it.  And yesterday was one of those days – I wanted to be on the way to Akron by 5:00, and finally got out about 7:30.

But in all of that was an unexpected bonus.  My parents flew back from Arizona yesterday and got home about 6:30.  I had already told them that they would land about the time I left and I wouldn’t see them until Monday.  But when 7:00 rolled around and I was still in Dayton, it seemed like an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

2012-04-26_19-25-02_394 2012-04-26_19-25-21_728

And I was so right . . . We have hair!!!

I really didn’t expect it – Mom had been told that it might be up to a year before her follicles started producing again.  It was so good to see them again after almost three months.

Mom’s PET Scan is Monday or Tuesday, and she gets the results on May 9.  If all comes back clear, we may be out of the woods.  Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive these past six months.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Proof Positive That Ranger Has Ears . . .

What was the major gripe with the Fall Limited Edition Distress Pads?  With the Winter Limited Edition Distress Pads?  No reinkers! 


Yesterday while I was driving home from three days of golf in Georgia, Ranger announced the Spring Limited Edition Distress PadsBut wait, there’s more . . .

springdistressreinkers winterdistressreinkers falldistressreinkers

Limited Edition Reinkers!  Wait a minute . . . are there nine bottles there?  Yes, there are!  There are now reinkers available for the Spring Set and the previously released Winter and Fall Sets!

Now as many of you know, our best ideas come from our customers -- and this one came from Robyn Josephs.  There was a note on our Facebook page this morning -- "so Greg- a special if I want to order the Spring seasonal distress and all 9 seasonal reinkers??"  And I have to admit that I hadn't thought of it at all (I was probably still in "golf mode").  So Gary and I got our heads together this morning and here it is . . .

Order the Spring Set and All Nine Reinkers (retail $62.90) for $49.95!

Here’s the Spring Distress Set announcement from Tim Holtz if you’d like to see it:

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Bent Piece of Gridwall That May Have Saved Me . . .

Enough people expressed concern after I mentioned the piece of gridwall that I guess this story needs to come next.


This is the star of the story – it is also the end of the story.  Here is the rest . . .

When we unload the truck and build our show booth, the gridwall is usually the first thing that comes off.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Build the booth first, then put products into it.  For trivia buffs, it takes 22 pieces of gridwall to build our booth – 17 of them are 4’ x 7’ and 5 are 2’ x 7’.  I strap them to the side of the truck when we’re traveling – the big pieces together and the little pieces together.  And yes, they are heavy.

But we had new rolling racks for some of our merchandise (that’s another story) and I needed to pull them off first.  I realized afterward that for the first time, there were no boxes holding up the gridwall as I took them off the truck one by one.  So I pulled several pieces out from the wall a little and leaned them against the remaining pieces.  Kept repeating the process after one or two pieces came off.  But apparently I must have missed repositioning it at least once.

I never saw it coming – in an instant, I was slammed against the side of the truck by ten or eleven pieces of gridwall.  My head hit the side of the truck (OK, I’m fine – so I’ll laugh when some of you think that may have been the hardest part of me anyway) and the weight of the gridwall sat me down hard.  I have already been dealing with some back issues for a few months, so my first thought was that all of my chiropractor’s good work the day before had just been wasted.

That bent piece of gridwall was the first piece that hit me – and then it hit the truck wall after I got knocked down and supported all the rest of the pieces and kept them off me.  I really don’t know what might have happened otherwise, but that’s several hundred pounds of gridwall and I assume it could have been more than a little uncomfortable.

As it was, I was very sore – but the next morning I wasn’t nearly as sore as I expected to be.  And I made it through the show fine.  When I got home from Allentown, I went to the chiropractor (which is where I got the bell tower picture in the previous post).  He put me up on his table and just laughed – listed about seven things that had been knocked out of place.  And then he put them back where they belonged.  Of course, my major worry was the upcoming golf trip (I am in Georgia playing golf for three days this week).

So thanks for your concern.  I’m fine – but I’m also fortunate.  And I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For Whom the Bell Tolls . . .

I have stories to tell, and this week I have had no time to tell them.  So I’ll just tease them here, and hopefully over the next week or so I’ll get them all told.  I came back from Allentown with stories of carts on wheels, homemade dog treats for Zoe, and a bent piece of gridwall that may have saved my life.  And on Tuesday, I learned to count to 37 – over and over again.

But this is what you get today.  I went to the chiropractor this week.  Across the street, a Catholic church broke ground recently and work has begun to construct a new sanctuary on their campus.  It has been fun to watch the progress as the steel beams went up and the skeletal shape of a church appeared.  But while I was in Allentown, something new appeared that I had never considered . . .

2012-04-19_08-47-55_409 2012-04-19_08-48-02_319

The bell was hung in the bell tower before the tower was constructed.  I guess this makes sense – but in my mind I saw the new church, completely finished, and some kind of ceremony being held while a crane hoisted the new bell up to the top of the tower where it was put in place and rung for the first time.

I realize it’s easier this way, but it just seemed strange.  Or maybe I’m the one who is strange . . .