Monday, August 8, 2016

More Stampaway Fun . . .

Here’s a sampling of Stampaway fun that wasn’t tiara-related . . .


This was one of the coolest things I saw all weekend – and at first I thought it was just a nostalgic sign.  Laura from Creative Vision Stamps is actually able to make a stamp for you while you’re shopping at a show – I checked with her later on Saturday afternoon and she only had one spot left.


This shopper had her priorities in order . . .


The obligatory photo of the quartet from Christy’s Main Street Memories in New Concord, Ohio (though the fourth – on the left – is new) – along with the chocolate mint cookies that Leanna brought for us (made from the recipe I shared with her years ago).

20160806_181659_resized 20160805_195104_resized

Robin and Keia Arnold have helped us at shows since Keia was about ten years old (she is a third-year teacher now).  Keia didn’t really need the cart to get around, though her little toe got more than a little boo-boo on Thursday evening and she was limping around Friday and Saturday.


Robin works part-time at McDonald’s – I guess one of the perks is a fancy water bottle . . .


What better way to spend your birthday than at a show – with friends who made sure that everyone knew?


This nice lady didn’t see our baskets next to the demo tables – but she did find an empty box from the books we gave away earlier in the day and made her own . . .

20160806_104814_resized 20160806_135828_resized

I turned around mid-morning and saw a familiar face demoing for Simply Said Rubber Stamps – Barry Payne works part-time at our store.  Then I turned around later in the day and Barry had been replaced by his wife, Maureen . . .

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