Friday, March 6, 2015

We Interrupt This Travelogue . . .

While I suspect that many of you expected my next post to be a continuation of our Arizona journey, new product info comes first.  Friday while I was setting up the booth for the Indianapolis show this weekend, the March Distress Color of the Month was announced . . .


I guessed it would be either blue or purple – then put a purple banner on the blog a day before the release (so I guess that makes me wrong).  As with the other two monthly releases, order the set of all six pieces at 20% Off the MSRP and it ships free in the Continental U.S.  Based on the response to the others, you’ll want to get your order in early so it can ship from the first batch we receive from Ranger – the color was posted at noon, and our order was in before 12:05 . . .

And if you’re waiting for the March Sizzix and Idea-ology releases, we got word that they should be arriving next week along with the straggler items from January and February.  Sounds like we’ll be in heavy shipping mode from midweek on!


Just in case you think our evenings are filled with fun and frivolity when we're at shows ... these boxes are filled with new arrivals that need to be priced!  Add computer work that needs to be done, and it's quite easy to stay out of trouble...


I have a thing for babbling brooks – the sound just soothes me.  Had a creek running through our lot when I was growing up, but not since we moved up the hill when I was 19.  And I have always missed it.  This pic was taken about three hours before Blake and I left for the airport on Tuesday.  That little waterfall beside me, and the guy sitting on the rock above me, make me smile.


  1. glad you are staying our of trouble and still finding time to babble!

  2. Welcome to Indy! Excited to shop at your booth tomorrow!