Sunday, March 8, 2015

Raising Our Kids . . .

From a vendor perspective, we have raised our kids on the show circuit.  Some kids were like mine, and actually know a little about life before conventions – Ryan was eight when we hit the road.  But others know nothing else . . .


Alana and Noelle Lindeman (their parents are Steve and Michelle from Toomuchfun Rubber Stamps) have literally been on the road since before they were born.  Their nursery was under a table in the booth – and the other vendors have become their aunts and uncles.

Except for Keia Arnold – every time she works for us, Keia also becomes Noelle and Alana’s personal jungle gym . . .


I snapped these as fast as I could and knew I would catch nothing more than blurs as Keia spun Alana around and around.

20150307_143832 20150307_143843

Meanwhile, local legends Judy Davidson and Judy Kennard made the road trip and worked for Lisa Yang of Local King Rubber Stamps.


And I have to mention Suetta Bartley’s entry in the ATC Contest (Suetta is another of Zoe’s favorite aunts who brings treats to shows).  She got at least two votes from the vendors – mine because she used a scrap from one of our old Paper Samplers, and Chuck from Grey Wolf Graphics because she used his stamp!

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  1. My kids grew up under the tables too! and have good memories and long time friendships!