Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Smart Local . . .

Most of you know the drill when new items are announced – we take “advance orders” for them and then ship them in the order they were received once the new item arrives.  But what that usually means is that everything in the first shipment we receive (and sometimes the second) is already sold – which means that none of them make it to our store here in Dayton for a long time.

For years, I have encouraged the locals to place advance orders, too – and we’ll fill and send them to the store for pickup while we’re shipping to those of you in the hinterlands.  Several take advantage of this – and have always put a note in the comments section at checkout so we know to send their orders to the store.

Until today . . .


Robyn Trimble gets a gold star – she is the first to actually list the store as the shipping address for her order!


  1. so does this mean that dylusion paints have arrived and are being shipped? trying to be patient.
    stamping sue

    1. Afraid not -- there are hundreds of similar new items that we take advance orders for. Ranger says that the first shipment of materials to make Dylusions Paints came in frozen solid and therefore unusable (probably doesn't surprise you a bit in CT) -- so they had to be reordered. We got a very small shipment in yesterday -- not nearly enough to fill all of the advance orders, and for the most part only 11 of the 12 colors! Thanks for your patience -- we'll get yours to you just as soon as we can.