Monday, February 2, 2015

Modern Technology Never Ceases to Amaze Me (And More Stories from Atlanta) . . .

Random thoughts in random order after a very full weekend in Lawrenceville, Georgia . . .


Went to Chili’s down the street from my hotel on Saturday evening after the show.  When I asked the waitress for my check, she pointed at the little gizmo that looked like an iPad mini on the end of the table and said I would find it there . . . could pay for it there . . . and when I finished it would spit out my receipt.  Which it did . . . amazing.


Dave and Pat from Heirloom Productions announced during setup on Friday that Melinda Doster (yes, our Melinda Doster – and she is doing quite nicely, thank you very much) had baked a cake and brought it to share with the vendors.  As it contained nuts (which I don’t/can’t do), she brought me some of the cookies that she had baked for her husband at the same time.


What the truck looked like shortly before I left Dayton.  That area next to the step to get into the cab was glare ice.  Scary stuff . . .


Sunset on Friday came while I was still setting up the booth – I always seem to notice them here.


I tease Darling Darlene that the Stampland backdrop is always crooked (and it almost always is, at least a bit).  This time, I stood by and directed until it was just right . . .


Since our promoters from Oregon were again in charge of the show, I again flew my Ohio State flag proudly in the booth.  There are Ohio “escapees” everywhere – I heard “Go Bucks!” and “O-H” all weekend long.  And of course I responded in kind.  If you are one who has considered ordering each month’s Tim Holtz Distress Color sight unseen, this is the nice lady who suggested it originally.

(Found out Monday that the January Distress Color will arrive on Wednesday, and of course we will start shipping immediately.  And the February color will be announced at noon EST on Friday – since we will be setting up our booth in Clearwater at the time, I will get the info and post it on our site later in the day.)

20150131_120317 20150131_131050

At left . . . all the way back to the lady in pink just left of center . . . is the line that stretched to my cash register most of the day on Saturday.  At right is the much shorter line to the food cart outside the back door.

These ladies obviously came to shop . . .

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