Friday, February 6, 2015

Jigsaw Puzzle . . .

I picked up a package at the desk this evening after setup – needed a few replenishments for the booth after a busy show in Atlanta last weekend.  This package had new goodies – January Tim Holtz releases from Sizzix and that infamous January Distress Color of the Month!

But the Distress Color came with a “jigsaw puzzle” – I had to put together the display, which was diecut out of corrugated cardboard and came with lousy instructions.  I should have taken a picture of it before I started construction . . .

2015-02-06 18.20.39

This is what it looked like when I finished.  I suspect it will draw a little attention in the booth on Saturday morning.


This came out while we were setting up – the February Distress Color of the Month – Abandoned Coral.  I immediately started referring to it as “Florida Pink”


Later in the day, I found this bloom on a bush near where I was unloading the truck – it didn’t quite prove my point about the Distress color, but for someone who enjoys blooming things in my yard (and longs for them in the dead of winter), this was a reminder that Spring can’t come soon enough.


  1. I like your name better, tho I'm mostly just jealous of you being in Florida!

  2. Yeah, that pink does remind one of flamingos or shrimp :) And that is a pretty hibiscus I do believe.........