Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words . . . Times Six

After sharing the note from the Copic folks about the dockworkers’ strike on the West Coast, a friend sent me some pictures that gave this ordeal a whole new perspective.  The first were taken before the congestion caused by the strike . . .

1 2

And the rest were taken after . . .

5 6


Another customer told me that this issue is dominating the news out west.  I am simply amazed that I have heard/seen absolutely nothing in our local news about this.  I wouldn’t even know about it except for updates from our suppliers.  And yet this is affecting everyone in the country in some way.


  1. Oh my wonder it's dominating the news out there...and it should be here (Michigan) too!

  2. It's trickling down. All suppliers are starting to feel it.

  3. My niece's new refrigerator is in that mess!!! This non-strike is affecting all kinds of businesses that receive goods shipped from outside the country.

  4. The first I heard about it was on your blog. This affects us all to some extent and should be what the media is reporting instead of the garbage we are hearing. Shame on them.