Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Stuff on the Horizon . . .

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland – 6” more inches of winter got blown off my driveway this morning.  But not before I put this on my Facebook page . . .

“Ah, the thrill of the Saturday morning scavenger hunt ... wandering out onto a driveway covered with a blanket of new snow ... looking for that one tiny blemish where the snow looks just a bit deeper ... dipping my hand into that blemish ... and pulling out my newspaper”

And this . . .


“Perhaps our southern brethren would like to go out and sweep the palm fronds off their driveways in an act of solidarity. . .”

Yes, I was in a mood this morning.  But now to subjects more fitting for our business . . .


Nothing like putting them all in one graphic – these are the 32 new Spellbinders dies that released yesterday.  Click on this link or on the graphic to see all of them!


And this is something we hadn’t decided for sure that we were going to carry, until we started getting requests for them.  These are the some of the new Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Collections – the Metallics look especially interesting, and there are three sets of A2 cards and envelopes!

And now it’s time to go back out into the weather – I have video duty at church this afternoon and a cards/board games/snacks evening with some high school friends this evening.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I fell in love with the metallics at CHA! thanks.
    My sympathies about the white stuff!

  2. You guys are a hardy breed; we have had unseasonably cold weather this week, so I can't even imagine what you're dealing with up there. Not only did I have to sweep palm fronds off the deck, but I had to hang my outdoor orchids in the shower stall for a couple of nights. Pity parties abound--- it's all relative. Stay warm and be careful.