Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Day Back . . .

Today is my first day back at work after 12 days on the road – this is the longest I have been away from home continuously since a four-week trip (that was supposed to be seven weeks) through the northwest and back through Canada with Dad, Mom and Blake back in 1972.  Those few extra days in Florida were great – spent a day at Disney, two days playing golf, and worked in-between.  Oh yeah – and listened to the locals crying about the chilly weather.  It got to the point where I just pulled out my phone, hit the Weather Channel app, and held up the readout that showed it was NINE DEGREES at my house in Ohio.  Cold is relative . . .

So the first thing I did when I walked in this morning was walk through the back room to see what had changed.  What I found will please many of you . . .

20150210_091509 20150210_091522
20150210_091929 20150210_091936
20150210_091957 20150210_092022

A lot of the January releases arrived while I was gone.  And of course they all arrived at the same time – so we are still scrambling our way through a mountain of advance orders.  Once I get through my “essentials” (like this blog post and all of the e-mail that came in since I was last on my computer on Saturday morning before leaving for the show in Clearwater), I will go into “shipping mode” and help out as much as I can.

But here’s a tease, especially for those of you familiar with the Facebook “Throwback Thursday” – at the show on Saturday, our friend Pat Johnson gave me some pics that she took at StampFest Orlando seventeen years ago.  We have changed a bit since then . . .


  1. glad you are back safe and shipping!

  2. All those supplies - be still, my heart LOL

  3. I was gonna order those Archival inks and powders from Wendi since I have all the older ones, but they weren't free shipping this time. So I got other stuff! Maybe another time to catch up my colors.