Thursday, February 15, 2018

Update on a Friend . . .

Many of you know that our friend Kathy Krivitski (Seaside Stampin’ Ink) has had a lot of medical issues over the past few years.  I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a lady who remembered the prayer warriors on this blog who have taken such good care of my mom over the past several years, and suggested that Kathy could use some of your special medicine as well.


The following is from Joe’s Facebook page, posted on January 28, when Kathy’s most recent issues began . . . “Kathy fell twice last Saturday early morning and was taken by ambulance to Dorchester Hospital. Her legs went numb/weak and she is still unable to stand or walk without human intervention.The medical folks diagnosed 2 fractured vertebrates in her lower spine, the higher one being a older compression fracture. Dorchester sent her to PRMC in Salisbury as it is the closest trauma ER. She was admitted with severe anemia. What about the fall and the leg issues? Oh well, on Thursday, she had successful kyphoplacty? (cement injection) on the fracture in her lower spine. She has been sent to HealthSouth in-patient rehab center in Salisbury for intense one on one therapy to help make her safe at home. This is where we are at the moment for the next 1-3 weeks. This will be a long road ahead, but the Lord will light the way and carry us forward.”

After about ten days in the rehab center, Kathy went back to the hospital.  Again from Joe . . . “After making some progress at the rehab hospital, this has been a challenging week. Kathy was sent back to the hospital and admitted on Tuesday with acute severe anemia, renal failure, low platelets, and unknown crap that was diagnosed a severe UTI. she is recovering in the hospital and we hope she gets sent back to the rehab hospital soon. she is also supposed to have a bone marrow biopsy next week.”


This one really got me – posted by Kathy on Tuesday . . . “Have been in medical facility for 24 days now. Maybe still another couple weeks or so. Joe brought home my hospital gown and laid it the floor and Fred went to sleep on it. He misses his mom. Can’t wait to see him again.”

Kathy and Joe have been good friends for a long time – and I know they would appreciate your prayers and support!  You can e-mail Kathy at or if you’re on Facebook you can contact her through her page at

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