Friday, February 16, 2018

A Boy and His Dog . . . and His Mom

Saw a note on my Facebook feed last night from Connie Williams – it started with “Please vote for my son’s dog…”  Which immediately caught my attention, because I knew/know both.


And many of you know Connie – the success of her Stampaway USA convention in Cincinnati is one of the main reasons why there are so many conventions in the eastern half of the country these days.

billconniehat billconnieme billconnieme1

This was Connie yesterday (second from left) – her group had the winning outfits in a golf outing for autism in Florida.  Reminded me of a couple of outfits I have worn over the years . . .

But I digress – back to Connie’s son and his dog.  Billy (he became “Bill” as an adult, but to me he was always Billy) used to help the vendors unload their cars and trailers and trucks and such at the show when he was a kid, and years later would bring Connie’s booth to me at our mail center so I could bring it to a show and Connie could fly.  Bill always brought his dog along with him – he found her years ago during an ice storm – Baby is adorable and incredibly friendly.

And loyal – Bill had a lot of health issues that weakened his heart and ended his life a couple of years ago.  Baby laid by Bill’s bed and kept him company in the days before he died.  Bill’s friend April adopted Baby, and that’s where she lives now.


This is my favorite picture of the two of them – and leads to a request from April and Connie.  April entered Baby in a “Furry Family Photo Contest”, and Connie would like to see her win as a tribute to Bill.


If you have a minute, please click on the picture above or on this link – then scroll down until you see the picture of Bill and Baby and the description underneath.  Then click on the blue bar under the description – when you do, it will turn gray, a check mark will fill the empty box, and the counter just above it will go up by one number.

Deadline is Tuesday, February 20 at noon EST.