Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our Furry Families . . .

For those of you who took the time to vote for Connie Williams’ grandpuppy last week – the results came in a few hours ago and “Baby” was a runaway winner – thanks!

Meanwhile, an update on some of the pets in my household . . .


This was Nala around the holidays, wearing a look of innocence after being discovered inside a gift bag playing with a ball of tissue paper . . .


A January project that Ryan and I constructed in his condo – he saw a picture someplace of a cat loft that cost several hundred dollars, and decided that he could design something just as good from scraps and clearance items from Lowe’s.

20180128_181934_resized 20180128_181949_resized

Ryan was being very protective as Casanova made his first trip up the wall . . .


Freya, who runs the show in the family, spends the most time in the loft now, but occasionally allows Casanova to visit.

20171206_204914_resized_2 20171206_210252_resized_2
20171206_210535_resized_2 20171206_212251_resized_2

Zoe usually likes to have her own space to survey the landscape from the end of the couch -- so imagine my surprise recently when she decided to spend a little "close-up" time and curled up right next to me.


Alas, after a few minutes things were back to normal . . .


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  2. So glad that Baby won!
    Your pet photos are adorable! Love the cat loft and your cuddly puppy!