Sunday, February 18, 2018

Memories of Warmth in Texas . . .

January was awful in Ohio – I don’t think even the snowbunnies like temperatures below zero, and we had them on eight different days during the month.  Thankfully, on two of them I was in Grapevine, Texas . . .

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It was single digits when I left Dayton – and required putting something called Diesel 911 into the fuel tanks to keep the fuel from gelling.  So I was thrilled when I crossed into Texas and took a pic of the thermometer to send home.  And of course one of my first stops as I approached the Metroplex was for an In-N-Out fix . . .

20180105_161106_resized  20180105_161648_resized
20180105_163450_resized 20180105_170118_resized
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62 degrees on setup day – made me wish I had packed my golf clubs in case I had some daylight after we finished.  And I did – so I found a hiking trail near Lake Grapevine and spent a couple of hours until dusk enjoying the weather and the exercise.

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The booth was busy within a few minutes of the opening of the show, and Jane and I did our best to take care of everyone . . .


But at one point, Jane stepped away to get a bite to eat – and I looked up a couple of minutes later and a customer had taken her place at the demo table and was drawing a crowd!


This is one place where there is plenty of room around the clearance table – wish I had more at other shows . . .

20180106_134628_resized 20180106_135438_resized

Every show – there are adorably cute kids at every show, and they love to sit at our demo table and learn.  Don’t these just warm your heart?

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