Monday, June 2, 2014

Danger! Beware of Man with Lots of Pictures and a Computer . . .

“The wedding is coming . . . the wedding is coming.”  I know that most of you will not be a bit surprised to learn that this phrase surrounds most of my thoughts these days – especially since I told Mary (Emily’s mom) months ago that I thought the tradition that the bride’s family was responsible for the wedding was silly.  So Ryan’s side is contributing both funds and talents to the festivities, and every day something new seems to appear on the “To Do List”.  I am looking forward to escaping to West Springfield, MA this weekend – the nonstop motion of one of our busiest shows of the year seems like a welcome change of pace.

A week or so ago, the subject of placemats for the reception appeared.  And I was asked what color I thought would look best.  My response – “Color?  You mean they’re going to be plain?”  We are all trying to plan a nice wedding and reception without depleting the family fortunes, so I have been looking for opportunities to add unique little touches.  So I went to work – asked Mary for some pics of Emily from her childhood and tried to match them up with similar shots of Ryan, added a few from after they met, and this is what will be underneath the plates a week from Saturday . . .


I will share more of the “unique little touches” after the wedding takes place – but some of them are surprises the kids haven’t seen yet.  The next couple of weeks are going to be an experience . . .


  1. What a lovely idea - wish I had thought of that when our son got married!

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more unique touches.

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  4. You are so creative, Greg!!! Way beyond your Halloween costumes and flower making ;) Those kids are very lucky - this will be one great wedding, I'm sure.

  5. Wow! Awesome idea....thanks for sharing with us and have fun as the day draws nearer!