Saturday, May 24, 2014

A “Pay It Forward” Moment . . .

A “Pay It Forward” moment – also a bit of a warning for the locals who have to avoid the drain and pothole when pulling into the parking lot at our store . . .

I got clipped on the way into the parking lot at our store on Whipp Road yesterday. 24-year-old girl didn't notice that I was slowing down to turn into the lot and pulled out of the CVS lot too soon.  I didn't realize what had happened at first ... she hit me in the wheel.  We pulled into the lot and surveyed the damage ... her license plate and cover were torn off her front bumper, and I had some small scratches on the wheel cover, a little paint scratch on the fender, and was missing one of those little weights used to balance the tire.  I got her information and told her I would get the tire rebalanced next week ... then I sent her on her way. 

She was very composed at first but had started to cry by the time we parted company ... I think the initial shock had worn off. I told her I'd had a similar incident when I was about her age and a nice guy did the same for me ... and I hoped that some day she would do the same for someone else.

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