Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Big Day Arrives . . .

Wedding Days start early . . . so much to do and so little time before the big event at 2:30.  I will have lots of pictures eventually as the official wedding photos arrive, so for now I’ll share those shot by family, friends, and me during the pre-ceremony hours . . .


6:30 – I was up and at it working on a program for the wedding.  Ryan was sound asleep upstairs.


9:00 – Emily and her sister Brittany were at a salon getting their hair done.  Ryan was sound asleep upstairs.


10:30 – Zoe and I took a walk up to the school to check on the progress of the artificial turf that is being installed (this is the field where I announce in the fall).  Ryan was sound asleep upstairs.

10304502_607115322719373_5022573264717723667_n 10351969_607115329386039_9089202094255837752_n
10350613_607115456052693_2411626282960786284_n 10262025_607115449386027_8667883427801877474_n

11:30 – The rest of my family was already at the church taking pictures.  I was upstairs dragging Ryan out of bed.


11:45 – Emily was already at the church visiting with my cousin Jodee (our photographer) and Jodee’s daughter Ally (the photographer’s assistant).  I left the house once I was convinced that Ryan was conscious.

20140614_141902 20140614_141908

1:30 – Conner’s fiancee Gina (their big day is in six weeks) was putting the finishing touches on Emily’s makeup.


1:45 – Katie, Emily and Emi were ready to go.

20140614_141124 20140614_141131

2:15 – Ryan was passing the last 15 minutes of his bachelorhood by watching Mythbusters videos on his phone while Conner and Tyler were seating the guests.

And finally 2:30 came.  Since we don’t have wedding pictures yet, at this point I had intended to share some of the wedding video that we shot on my camcorder, but the kids called last night and said that I could share as many pictures as I wanted, but they would prefer that the video be private.  My apologies, but of course it is their wedding.

So tomorrow we’ll tackle the reception – and at some point down the road we’ll take a pictorial walk down the aisle . . .

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  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I have loved every minute!
    Get ready for grandchildren :) I'm sure you can't wait
    God bless as your beautiful family grows