Monday, June 23, 2014

Spellbinders Declares That Life Is a “Celebra’tion” . . .

Spellbinders released a new line of dies, folders, stamp sets, die and stamp set combinations, ink pads, silk luster inks, linen thread, and paper packs (try to say all of that without stumbling) today.  It’s called “Celebra’tions” – I don’t know why they included an apostrophe and I didn’t ask . . .


Spellbinders sent out a cutesy video showing all sorts of projects made with Celebra’tions and one pair of hands in fast motion.  With this line, they seem to be expanding their horizons beyond the usual dies, folders and media mixage.  Here's the description in their words -- "Creating a heartfelt greeting or event has never been easier.  Inspired by his passion for paper crafts, event hosting and handmade greetings, Spellbinders' Richard Garay designed Celebra'tions to help paper crafters and hostesses achieve beautiful results every time."

Here’s a glance at some of the Celebra’tions products.  Take a look at everything by clicking the graphic above or this link . . .

SCD-001 SCF-001 SCS-001 SCSD-010 SCI-012 SCL-001 SCT-001 SCP-017

The whole line is about creating A-2 cards, with lots of coordinating dies and folders -- and stamp sets and die and stamp combinations for the first time. The dies, folders, and stamp sets are already on their way to us and we'll have them in our booth at the show in Orlando this weekend!  But this time, there's more to the story . . . with coordinating ink pads, linen thread, silk luster inks, and paper packs.

 And with that, we need some help from you!  I was just going to ask you to take a look at the new line, hit the reply button and send us some feedback on this new line -- and especially let us know whether you have interest in the new coordinating items.  But I decided to try out the survey creator in this program -- so please click on the link below and help us serve you better!

Click Here to Take the Celebra’tions Survey


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