Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sights from a Blustery Weekend in Indy . . .

We were very fortunate last weekend.  Under normal circumstances, a couple of strong thunderstorms on Friday during setup and cold/wind during the weekend might have irritated me.  But less than 100 miles south, tornadoes destroyed towns and families – by comparison, our weekend was easy.


The show moved to a new building this year – but I didn’t know this until after I arrived.  I’ll admit that when Heirloom sent the show literature, I stopped reading after “Indiana State Fairgrounds” – besides, the names of the buildings wouldn’t have meant anything to me.  So Friday morning, I made the drive to Indy on I-70 and backed up to the garage door where I usually unload.  Thankfully, another vendor drove by as I was getting out of the truck and informed me that our new home was across the driveway.  I like the Our Land Pavilion – the traffic flow was much better and lots of customers said they enjoyed it.


This is something I had missed before – Pat Larson from Heirloom took lots of pictures and posted them on their Facebook page.  When Pat took this one, we were hard at work setting up the booth . . .


Then this was mine of the finished product.

2012-03-03_19-39-49_467 2012-03-03_19-38-12_537

After setup, I headed out to the Residence Inn in Fishers (NE of the city), where I got a surprise – the back parking lot was full of dumpsters and trailers and the entire hotel was being renovated.  I was told that it started the day after the Super Bowl.  This lovely plastic sheeting blocked off what is usually the breakfast area – instead, breakfast was available in one of the rooms at the back of the building.

2012-03-03_19-38-25_237 2012-03-03_19-37-17_600

Want to swim or hit the whirlpool?  Not this weekend!  And I have to admit that I have never seen an elevator coated in cardboard (and yes, it was operating).

2012-03-03_19-40-23_787 2012-03-03_19-40-40_678

That said, I ended up in a room where the renovations were mostly complete and I was comfortable . . .

2012-03-03_09-49-21_359 2012-03-03_14-16-04_439

Sue Rothamel was already on her way to sunny Florida for rehearsals for her gala appearance on HSN on Tuesday, so we spent another weekend with “Virtual Sue” on my laptop.  At right are our friends Kaaren Sadtler and Ann Hathaway, who have helped us with setup and teardown in Indy as long as there has been a show here.  Kaaren brought goodies for us to enjoy – these are Caramel Chocolate Chip bars, and they are simply amazing.  She was kind enough to provide the recipe and I will be trying my wooden spoon at these soon – if they turn out, I’ll share pictures and ingredients here.

indy1 indy2

More pics from Pat at Heirloom – since Robin Arnold is wearing different sweaters, I can say with confidence that the left pic is from Saturday and the right pic is from Sunday.

indy4 indy3

Keia Arnold was demoing gelatos on the other half of the table – Pat must have taken this shot early on Saturday when she was still working on that morning cup of coffee!  And I spotted him on Sunday just as I was about to begin the giveaway – it appears that he snapped the shutter just as I started to tell everyone to turn around and wave at him . . .

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Update for the Spellbinders Preorder CrowdI found out Monday morning that they have shipped and should arrive here on Thursday.  We will start feverishly shipping your orders as soon as they arrive.  Still nothing new on the Distress Markers – we’re checking constantly and still hearing that they won’t arrive until after March 15.  As always, thanks for your orders and your patience during preorder season.

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