Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Busy Shipping Day . . .

They finally arrived yesterday – our first shipment of the new Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  We know (and appreciate) that many of you have been waiting patiently for them – some for more than two months since they were first introduced on Tim’s blog a week or so before CHA.  So we immediately went into Shipping Mode so we could get as many full sets as possible shipped the same day they came in.  We got our first surprise when we opened the boxes . . .

2012-03-28_10-40-42_267 2012-03-28_10-49-13_298

Most of the lids had come off the plastic canisters in transit.  And the bottom was broken off one of the canisters (don’t worry if you placed a preorder – you didn’t get that one).  So a step was added to the process . . .

2012-03-28_10-47-04_420 2012-03-28_10-47-48_343

We put each set of markers into a cocoon of shrink wrap that will hopefully keep everything in one piece until it reaches you.

2012-03-28_12-35-43_619 2012-03-28_15-04-05_813

Debbie and Patti already had stacks of boxes waiting to be filled.  I had to snap the picture of them from another room while they weren’t looking – no doubt I will pay for this later.  Then the boxes came to me, where I was printing out shipping labels.

2012-03-28_15-57-38_712 2012-03-28_15-57-24_165

Made for quite a mountain of boxes – there were about 70 here when I took these shots.  Then we had to get them to the post office – I really wasn’t sure if I could get all of them into the back of my truck.

2012-03-28_16-14-18_538 2012-03-28_16-14-02_858

But I did, and had room for about 15 more than we had.  My bed cover folds back in three sections, and I realized that just one section didn’t do my packing job justice.  So I rolled it all the way back to shoot one last picture, then closed everything and headed for the post office.  There, I got quite a few looks from those in line – first when I grabbed an empty rolling bin from the lobby and wheeled it out the door, then again a few minutes later when I wheeled that overflowing bin back into the lobby, and again as I brought several armloads of boxes that surrounded that bin.


I tried to take a quick picture before a postal worker started moving everything into the sorting room – obviously it was out of focus.  But you get the idea . . .

We’ll go through the process again when the next shipment arrives – hopefully sometime next week.


  1. Mmmmmm-WAH! LOL, now I won't have to ask how they shipped! Thank you so much! I know pre-orders can be massively frustrating for retailers as well as for customers...I appreciate how you've kept on top of Ranger about this. ~Betsy

  2. Never would I have thought that I would follow through on a whole article about shipping but your pics and writing style make it so fun to follow your challenges and efforts to please us, your customers. Thanks for giving us a great blog to follow! I haven't seen an update on your mom recently. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is thinking and praying for her and would love to hear how things are going!

  3. Thank you for your great prices, which inspired me to order from you in the first place. It's not your fault that the Distress Markers are such a grand success! :o) Thanks for keeping those of us that have waited for 2+ months up-to-speed on the progress of our orders. Your prices and fine service (in the midst of "great product shipping issues") will keep you in business.