Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perhaps I Should Avoid Things I Know Nothing About . . .

Wow, did I get an education yesterday – about beer.  Within minutes after I posted that picture, I started getting e-mails from people who knew that “Craft Beer” was not a typo – apparently it is another name for “microbrew”.  I was even sent a link to a website that is loaded with Craft Beer info . . .

And of course got a very nice e-mail from a lady who offered to demo it for us at conventions . . .

I tried to correct my mistake before Blogger e-mailed the post, but it was too late.

So I suppose it will surprise no one to learn that I’m not a drinker?  I don’t have a reason for it – just always liked soft drinks and never saw the need to expand my horizons.  Honestly, when I was a teenager someone told me that beer was something you had to develop a taste for – and I won’t even eat things I have to develop a taste for!

Some might find it boring, but I like my routine and I’m a creature of habit – when I go into the McDonald’s up the street, I often don’t have to order since they already know what I want.  One of the workers there once asked me why I never order anything different, and my response was “When I want something different, I go someplace else.”


  1. I thought it was cute and I have no objections to crafting with beer! Might even be more creative!!!

  2. Great comment, Greg. Beer is not my thing either. When it's hot hot summer, it looks so good when it's cold in the glass or mug, but it just isn't for me. Makes me want something different right away.

    Thanks for being you and being honest.

    You're a real standup guy!

  3. I agree with Lori :) but it's ok that you don't drink alcohol. It's not a pre-requisite to being an adult :)