Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Completely Trivial and Unrelated Thoughts

On Tuesday, I sent out a note to the Marco's E-Mail List before I left for Atlanta. In it, I mentioned that it was Groundhog Day and the official groundhog had seen his shadow, therefore guaranteeing another six weeks of winter. But in Ohio, where the sun NEVER shines in the winter, our official groundhog was shadowless, so we'll only have a month and a half.

In response, I got an e-mail from a customer in Alaska (and of course I left that e-mail on my computer in Dayton, so I don't have her name handy -- sorry about that). She informed me that since there are no groundhogs in our 49th state, Tuesday was the first annual Marmot Day in Alaska. For the uninitiated, that's a marmot on the left, and a groundhog on the right. And apparently if you go back far enough, a groundhog is a member of the marmot family. So I guess we all celebrate Marmot Day . . .

In a completely unrelated note, I saw this temporary tag in the parking lot at the Kroger across the street from my office. Walked past it, did a double take, and walked back to shoot a picture with my cell phone. What's wrong with this picture?

Think about it . . . if you're still not sure, scroll down a little.

Check the expiration date -- how many days are there in February?

Have a great weekend . . .

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