Friday, February 19, 2010

The Coolest Thing (Other Than the Temperature) About Clearwater Beach . . .

I have wrestled control of the blog content back from the truck, and we have arrived safely (more about that later) in Clearwater, Florida. The natives and the snowbirds are all griping about the chill here. But as I suspected, the lack of snow and the need for little more than a sweatshirt for warmth has a certain appeal for weary northerners.

After setup for Saturday’s show was completed, I threw caution to the prevailing wind and decided to head over to Clearwater Beach anyway. Just in the five miles or so from the Matheos Hall to the beach, the temperature dropped from 63 to 58, and the beach was pretty much deserted except for a few hardy (and bundled) walkers.

0219001647a 0219001647

From my perspective, this is the coolest thing about Clearwater Beach. I have problems parking the truck in any popular place, but here there are three parking spaces along the main drag reserved exclusively for oversized vehicles. Popped in four quarters for an hour, and off I went . . .

0219001649 0219001649aa

You can’t tell from the picture on the left, so I cropped part of it and blew it up – these people are riding around on Segway rentals. I want to try one of those sometime.


I walked about a mile down the beach and then made my way back around some of the buildings along the main drag. Most of my walk along the water was shared with the natives.

0219001658 0219001703

The sun broke through the clouds a couple of times, and I tried to get a quick shot of the breathtaking colors. I’m not a photographer, but pictures don’t do justice to what I was seeing.


Toys for oversized little kids to play with at the beach?

You’ll note from the pictures from the parking space above that there is no trace of the White Death left on the truck, so it’s wish from Tuesday came true . . .

0219001652a 0219001708

But this was as close as my “little tootsies” got to the surf. And this was my first effort at one of those self-portraits with a cell phone camera. If you look closely around the neckline, you’ll find three layers, which kept me quite comfortable.

Unrelated note – Perhaps the truck really did get even for being covered with snow – today, I spent three hours at the International Truck dealer in Tampa, getting it fixed. I noticed last night that the headlights were flickering – sometimes almost going off completely. I was only about 50 miles from my destination when I noticed, but it scared me to death. I called the International dealer in Dayton and got some suggestions based on my amateur diagnosis, but nothing helped. I got behind a semi truck going the same direction I was and followed it most of the way to Clearwater to make sure my path was well-lighted.


And this little rascal was the culprit – part of a connector in the electrical system, and not much more than an inch long. I was assured that the problem is fixed. It was a simple $10 part – along with $140 labor . . .


  1. Great pictures! Looks great down there. Sorry to hear about the truck problems, glad you got there safely!

  2. Greg as always it is so good to see you. Judy and I were sorry that you were so busy that we could not talk more to you. We shall see you in Orlando!

  3. It was great to see you. Glad that both you and Truck managed to melt off all that snow. Good thing you managed to find a "guide" semi to light you to Clearwater! At least Truck doesn't have to haul nearly as much stuff back to Ohio. It was amazing to see Sue Rothemal, she's a talented woman.

    Do you have any voice left today? As usual you did it again, called all around my number! One of these days maybe you'll actually call the number I've got! Wonder if I'll show up in the "blog shots"?
    Till next time,