Saturday, February 27, 2010

Multiple Views of Winter . . .

I have had more than enough of winter – if you read these ramblings regularly, you already know that.  But I’m learning that I’m not the only one.  Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, and all he mentioned was how depressed he was with the weather.  I talked with several people from Florida yesterday, and they were all complaining about the cold.  Now to me, temps in the 50s and 60s don’t sound too bad.  But folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin probably laugh at me griping about temps in the 20s.  And folks up the east coast probably have little use for my complaints about six inches of snow at a time.  That said – we got three more inches of snow overnight, so Zoe and I were outside this morning.  We have different perspectives – I saw it as another chore with a shovel.  She saw it as an unspoiled white landscape to romp through.  Wish I had thought to take pictures – she was so happy.

0227000817 0227000818

But I did take pictures of these – the two houses across the street from ours.  Doesn’t show much other than a coating of snow until you look closer . . .

0227000817a 0227000818a

Yep – those are Christmas lights still hanging from the front gutters on both houses, and Monday will be the first of March.  I was fortunate – I took ours down the day after Christmas when it was 40 degrees, even though my family wanted them left up for a few days.  So that either makes me the Grinch, or very fortunate.  It snowed the next day – and we have had snow on the ground and the rooftops ever since.  This just doesn’t happen in our part of Ohio – we get warm days that melt the snow, and by now we’re looking at our crocuses peeking through the ground.  Sometimes they’re even in bloom.

But an hour out romping in the snow led to some other photo opportunities later in the morning . . .

0226001146 0226001409

I have a tired puppy on the floor here.  I found her asleep out front where she likes to look out the window.  After a few minutes, she had moved a little closer to the sunlight.


A little later, she was working on her favorite chew bone – Zoe can chew on those things for hours.

0227000952 0227000953

A little later, Zoe – and the chew bone – made their way into the room where I was working on my laptop.  My family loves the way she holds the bone with her front paws.

0227001055 0227001138

Then it was time for a little quick grooming . . . and back to sleep.

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