Friday, February 12, 2010

It’s Not Our Fault Anymore . . .

I have been taking the blame for the rotten weather in the south this winter.  In January, we went to Texas – coldest weather in at least 20 years.  Last week, we went to Georgia – same thing.  I was sensing a pattern, and getting very concerned about the poor souls in Florida since we’re heading for Clearwater next week.

But no more.  Ten inches of snow in Dallas/Fort Worth yesterday – not my fault.  And two or three inches in Atlanta today – not my fault.  I can’t even imagine how they’ll deal with snowstorms and no snowplows.  And there probably isn’t a loaf of bread or gallon of milk left in the south.

So I’ll offer pictures of something “y’all” won’t find down south . . .

0211001555 0211001556

Overhanging snow and killer icicles!  This was the scene outside our building yesterday afternoon.  And yes, that IS blue sky overhead.  The sun never shines in Ohio in the winter, but for a few minutes, there it was!  But it was gone within an hour.  And we only have about ten inches on the ground – the folks in Maryland and Pennsylvania got it much worse.


I just had to share this.  Linda Malcom from Lost Coast Designs gave it to me last Saturday in Lawrenceville.  We haul her booth from show to show, and in return she helps us during teardown.  But once a year she gives cards and goodies to Karen and me.  I thought this card was very appropriate – looks like something Zoe would do (not to mention the dog even looks a lot like Zoe).

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  1. I posted some pics of the Georgia snow on my icicles, but snow enough! It didn't last except in the shady spots, but they're forecasting more snow in the next day or kow, if I had wanted to live in snow, I wouldn't have moved to the South!