Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even Dogs Get a Better Home Than This . . .

Greg has stepped aside for a day to allow me some space to vent.  I am the Marco’s Paper truck, and I have gotten tired of listening to him gripe about the weather.  He should spend a few days in my tire tracks in February . . .

0216001018a 0216001018

This is me, Tuesday morning.  In the eight days since I got home from Georgia, I have been snowed on three times.  And every time the parking lot gets cleared, all of that snow gets piled around ME.

0216001019 0216001019a

My “home” is between two buildings, so not only do I get the cold and snow, I get the swirling winds that drift and cover me over and over.  This is not a warm blanket . . .

0216001038a  0216001038

You can’t tell from this picture, but that pile of snow next to me is mostly solid ice, and it’s about four feet deep.  And see those icicles and that overhanging snow next to the building?  How would you like to have that inching closer and closer to you every hour?

0216001659a 0216001659

Look at this – just look at it.  I’ll bet it makes you shiver.  Me, too.  But I’m getting even.  I’m leaving for Florida today – we have a show in Clearwater this Saturday.  Greg has been so excited – he usually goes for a walk in the surf on Clearwater Beach after setup on Friday.  But he had to take care of me first, because if I don’t get out, he doesn’t get out.  So he spent over two hours chopping and hacking at the snow around me yesterday, and finally got around to plugging me in so my engine block will be nice and warm today and I’ll start.

The customers will be all excited when they get to our booth on Friday, because we’re going to have all of the new Ten Seconds molds, the new Position-It from Scor-It, and almost all of the brand new Spellbinders dies that everyone has been asking about.  And we’ll have Sue Rothamel from USArtQuest in our booth – the first time she has done one of our shows in Florida.

And I’ll get a chance for all of this snow to melt off me.  But Greg will still be griping, because I heard that the weather in Florida is running 20 degrees below normal and he will freeze his little tootsies off if he goes to the beach.  It’s just breaking my heart – heh, heh, heh, heh, heh . . .


  1. Greg -

    It sounds as if your truck has a wee bit of a wicked streak in him! Can't blame the poor fellow, his accomodations don't look all that cozy. If I were you, I'd butter him up before the trip and get him a can of oil!

    Safe trip!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Dear "Dot the Truck", It is cold here in Florida but we don't have that pretty white stuff. The winds are blowing today and it didn't get above 56º. We hear it is warmer in Alaska.

    Wish I could make the trip to Tampa this weekend. I always stock up on all that wonderful cardstock Greg carries on you. Have a safe trip ... and if you decide not to head back to the snow, you always have a place to stay in Lake Mary!

    Hugs, Nana Bev

  3. Awwwww.....poor Truck :(. I'd watch out for her, Greg. Nothing like a woman scorned and all that!

    Glad you get a chance to head for "warmer" climates. No, maybe not as warm as normal as you'd like, but much warmer than where you are now!

  4. Poor dear Dot the Truck! Come on down to nice warmer Florida and rest your weary tires. I'll be waiting on you and Greg to bring me more paper...

  5. Dear Truck, will look forward to seeing you this weekend. While it may not be as warm as we'd like we're going to be having a heat wave this weekend. (It's supposed to be mid 60's!) I can promise you that all that nasty white stuff will melt right off you! Please bring Greg and all the goodies... we really, really, really need more stash! See you soon,

  6. lol :) Hope your nice a toasty (without overheating) soon, Truck !

  7. Hey Dot! Why are you complaining? This snow is the reason I didn't get to come and visit the retail store while I was in the area. My credit card was looking forward to the trip too! I'll just have to make there my next trip.