Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Health Updates . . .

Seems only fitting that the first post of 2017 is an update on the progress of three folks who spent part or all of 2016 on my prayer list . . .


This pic was taken last Friday morning, shortly after I regained my composure after being shocked from behind during setup in Grapevine, Texas by Ellen Sedgwick from Tessler’s.  After a year away from us recovering from an aneurysm, Ellen looks great – says she feels great – and worked their booth the whole weekend.  It was so good to see her!


Nami Nakamura from DeNami Designs had skin cancer surgery on her leg last week and is recovering slowly at home.  She gets her biopsy results sometime this week.  Nami posts to Facebook almost every day, and her positive outlook is contagious.  I think I would be losing my mind after a week stuck in bed.


And John Eberly from Purple Daisy Designs called me Monday morning while I was driving home from Texas.  He had hip replacement surgery on Friday morning, was home by Friday afternoon, and is recovering nicely at home.

All three asked me to thank you for your continued prayers.  Wasn’t that a great way to start the year?


  1. An outstanding way. And, I love the way you keep us informed on those people's health. Shows you all care.

  2. Beautiful...thanks for the updates!