Thursday, January 12, 2017

Re-Change of Heart . . .

Apparently the CEO at Sizzix overruled those below him and decreed that we are not allowed to show you their new Tim Holtz releases until January 21 when “Creativation” (formerly CHA) 0pens.

That doesn’t mean you can’t look at them – you can click on this link and look at the Tim Holtz Sneak Peek.

But it does mean that you can’t place your advance orders until January 21.

So I suggest that you set a reminder on your phone.  I do this a lot – and sometimes it saves me.  Today was one of those days – my phone buzzed at 11:30 this morning and I had no idea why.  Then I read the message, and was reminded that Zoe and Nala had appointments at the vet an hour later for their annual checkups.  Two hours later, I had two grumpy pets who had been poked and prodded and pronounced healthy (two shots for the canine and one for the feline).

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