Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Ends With Our Thanks To You . . .

Another year ends – hard to believe that as of earlier this week, I have gone to the same place to work for 37 years.  But so much has changed over the years – I may work at the same place, but it is definitely not the same job.  All of you were directly involved in one way or another, as we transitioned in the mid-90s from a small print shop in Southwestern Ohio into whatever it is we are now.  And we are grateful – thanks for your continued support over the years.


This year’s family Christmas picture again had a theme – the next generation makes its debut in just four weeks.  There has not been a baby on my side of our family in nearly 23 years, and there has not been a girl baby in – forever!  Nothing will ever be the same – and we can’t wait.


I took this picture of Zoe and my niece, Natalie, a year ago.  I love both of their smiles.  Zoe’s year was quite full – no surprise to any of you who followed her presidential campaign.  So now she is taking it easy as she waits for another opportunity to serve our nation.

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve – and an even better 2017.  Again, thanks for being part of our lives.

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