Monday, October 26, 2015

You Need a Chauffeur Like This . . .

One of the things I treasure most about my business travels over the years is the acquaintances I have made along the way.  Everywhere we go, there are faces that I simply have to see before “all is right with the world” again.  And sometimes I see enough of those faces that acquaintances become friendships.

So it is with Brenda Carbon and her husband, Bill.  For years, I saw Brenda at shows in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan – always with her husband in tow, often wearing his touring cap.  Bill usually brought a book along to read, but would always come in to visit for a while during the afternoon.

A year or so ago, they moved to a town near Nashville – and there aren’t a lot of shows within shouting distance.  But Brenda and Bill came across most of Tennessee a couple of weekends ago to the show in Sevierville – and it was so nice to catch up again.


Brenda wanted a picture before they headed home – and I asked her to send me a copy.  When folks ask if I like what I do, an image like this is a much better response than any story I could tell.

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