Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Staying Connected Is Sometimes a Challenge . . .

It has been a hectic week – a very hectic week.  The Fort Wayne show was last weekend, and afterward I spent most of Monday loading/unloading the truck to get ready for this weekend’s show in York, PA.  Because in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning, I headed south to play golf with friends for three days at Tims Ford State Park near Winchester, TN.

All of this meant that by Wednesday afternoon, I had not been online to check e-mail since Sunday morning – and there is no internet access anywhere in Tims Ford.  But the folks there told me that I would probably be able to get online at the marina nearby.


So this is the view as I finish e-mail and type this blog post.  I have been in much worse places – the weather is gorgeous, the friends are top-notch, and even my golf is OK.

Hope to see many of you this weekend in York – or next weekend in Sevierville, TN . . .

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