Monday, August 10, 2015

The Rest of My Weekend . . .

Last weekend wasn’t all aprons.  There were a few other memorable images that are worth sharing.


Friday afternoon – the first official booth update picture since about 2001 when we started building our booth out of video store gridwall.


Friday afternoon during setup – Ted Cutts of the Royal Acme Conglomeration of Companies (that would be Art Gone Wild, Inky Antics, Stampers Anonymous, and Darcie’s Heart and Home) does his best unintentional Tim Holtz imitation while his daughter Katie does her best to get out of the shot.


Also Friday afternoon – the new Monthly Distress Color was announced, so I had to slip out to the hotel next door so I could use its wifi for a few minutes to update everything on our website.  Order yours now – all six pieces in a bundle for 20% off the MSRP with free shipping in the Continental U.S. --


And while we’re at it – with the announcement of the eighth Monthly Distress Color, the second set of Monthly Distress Minis is complete and should release in September.  So you can now place your advance orders --


Saturday afternoon – Steve Lindeman of Toomuchfun took a break on the customer side of our demo table to see what his daughter Alana had been doing all afternoon.  To Steve’s daughters, Keia Arnold is like the Pied Piper – where she goes, they follow.  So they spent most of the day at our booth visiting with Keia while she demoed.


Friday afternoon – the Sharonville Convention Center is about two miles from the Best Buy where Ryan has worked for the past eight years.  And Friday was his last day there – so I drove over about 4:00 and sat in the parking lot for about 20 minutes so I could get this picture as he walked out of the store for the last time.  Today, he started the next chapter of his personal adventures as an Appliance Sales Specialist at Lowe’s in Xenia, Ohio.

11145219_1081638678514719_6972356679183479864_n 11873422_1081638718514715_4801081269940401868_n

Sunday evening – my semi-surprise birthday gift to Carla.  This is Music Hall in downtown Cincinnati – and for five nights it was transformed into a giant screen for a video presentation that went along with performances by the Cincinnati Pops and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  They call it “Lumenocity” – it has been going on for three years but this was our first experience.  We got there more than two hours early and an obstructed view was the best we could get – the best spots were staked out 5½ hours in advance.  Once the skies darkened and the lights dimmed, the show was spectacular . . .

11817157_1081638871848033_4940924744805000930_n 11870842_1081638831848037_4334416363756204459_n
11863272_1081639108514676_6120374473282606941_n 11217681_1081639061848014_7616821420693663498_n

And the finale was dedicated to all of the things that make Cincinnati special . . .

11223317_1081639188514668_7602734327426139457_n 11846734_1081639208514666_5676439645348943782_n

I took pictures of just a few, and enjoyed the rest.  And of course my finger got in the way from time to time . . .

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