Thursday, August 20, 2015

Random Thoughts . . .

No specific theme here – just random thoughts with pictures to illustrate.  If one doesn’t interest you, keep going – the next one might.

Yesterday was the first day of school in my hometown.  So Facebook was awash with “first day of school pics” – how in the world did we function before we had a place to share our lives instantly?  I thoroughly enjoy them – but after the 20th or 25th picture, my warped brain started sparking . . .


And this was what came out – I added a comment underneath that said “Do not adjust your set – this page was left intentionally blank.”  But this morning, I decided to play along . . .


I took all of those pictures in the same spot over the years and assumed I would eventually find a use for them.  They became the focal point of the thank you notes Ryan sent out when he graduated.  And the stone became Dobie's grave marker a few months after the last picture was taken.


Speaking of Ryan, he is now into his second week at Lowe’s and loves it – seems to be fitting in well.  I did not take the mug shot – it’s hard to get him to smile – but it was nice to get to see him in his new vest.


Last week at the golf course – out of focus but terribly cute.  These two fawns were feeding as we came down the fairway toward them – weren’t the least bit concerned about us as we approached.  We assumed that momma was close by – and she was, just a few yards away in the brush.

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The death of a local landmark – Der Duetchler (later Der Dutchman) was a local restaurant that attracted out-of-towners for years.  The kitchen and entryway were destroyed in a fire two or three years ago, and the owners decided not to rebuild.  So it sat vacant – from the road it looked like nothing had happened.  But vandals eventually got to it and this week the demolition began.  These pics are of the banquet room side of the building – a lot of memorable occasions were celebrated in that space during its lifetime.  And I even went to church there for a few years.


And the monsoons continue (apologies to those of you out west – I wish we could send it to you).  This was yesterday evening, as rainwater washed down the steps of the bank parking lot at the main intersection in my hometown.  I’m sure this has happened before, but I had never seen it – so I went around the block and got out to snap a picture.

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  1. I so enjoy following your life. You take such interesting pictures. TFS