Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cooking Up a Great Weekend . . . the Stampaway Costumes

“Cooking Up a Great Weekend” was the theme for the Stampaway USA XXIII Preview Party on Friday evening – and the customers and vendors were encouraged to wear their favorite aprons.  Of course, this led to a variety of interpretations, and I took as many pictures as I could so the experience could be shared with those of you who couldn’t attend, or relived with those of you who could.

20150807_200156_resized 20150807_202040_resized

A few I caught from our booth – and what caught my eye wasn’t always an apron.  The mother/daughter tandem at left are collecting autographs from luminaries in the crafting world (and yet they asked for mine?)

20150807_201034_resized 20150807_202454_resized

Buckeye aprons are in fashion this season, of course . . .

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Bill from Repeat Impressions is always a hoot – someday I need to pull out the picture I took of Wendy and Bill dressed as Cinderella and a Wicked Stepsister at a convention with a Halloween theme many years ago.  And Russell from Gary Burlin & Co. had his own in-house artist – his daughter made aprons for both of them.  I really liked what Rick, Kelley, and Josh from Our Daily Bread Designs did – it was a patriotic theme with stars and stripes – but the picture I tried to take came out a blurry mess.  Thankfully, Connie got one . . .

At 9:00, the customers who chose to participate gathered in the lobby for the judging – I took pictures of everything that caught my eye.

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There were so many that Connie kept turning around in circles – and finally had all of them march around in a circle so she could see each one.

20150807_205927_resized 20150807_210754_resized_1

Two of my favorites – the lady at right brought a platter of stamps and supplies (and there was a rubber chicken as well).

20150807_210328_resized 20150807_210322_resized

Some aprons with mileage on them – the one at left was created in 1938, the one at right in the mid ‘60s

20150807_210147_resized 20150807_210349_resized 20150807_210431_resized
20150807_210453_resized 20150807_210501_resized 20150807_210529_resized

If you’ve come this far, then you probably are expecting/hoping/dreading ours.  Karen decided to use an apron designed by our instructors in a class or project years ago.  She offered one to me, but it just didn’t seem to be my speed.  So I got on Amazon and looked for “novelty aprons for men” or some such search term.  Most of what came up in the results was just this side of obscene, but one did catch my eye.  So without further delay . . .

20150807_194623 20150807_194644

I told several people that this is the only chance I will ever have to have muscles and a six-pack.

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