Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little Extra Time . . .

During the summer, it seems I am always doing one of three things . . . getting ready to leave for a show, working at a show, or just getting home from a show.  Sometimes it seems like I am doing two or three of those things at the same time.  It’s hectic, but sometimes it makes life a bit easier because I don’t have time to think about or do much else.

But now that the Cincinnati show is done and I have finished the “just getting home from a show” phase (it applies – even though Cincinnati is the “I get to sleep in my own bed show”), I am home for several weeks – our next show is not until the first weekend in October.

It feels strange – I actually get to think about what I want or need to do next.  But it has allowed me to do some things that I have not had time to do all summer, like . . .

  • Mow my grass more than once a week – with apologies to those of you out west, it has rained here since it stopped snowing.  As such, my lawn needs a trim every three or four days – but this summer it has been more like every seven to ten days.  And that makes for lots of unsightly clumps.
  • Put my suitcase in the attic – I have not actually done this yet, because this summer Nala has decided that it’s her favorite place to sleep when she and it are in the house at the same time.  I have gotten used to traveling with white fur clinging to my suitcase.
  • Take Mom to church with me on Sunday – this past Sunday was only the second time this had occurred all summer, since the other weekends I was either out of town at a show or I had video duty at church (which puts me behind a camera all three services on Saturday and Sunday).
  • Sit on my front porch and just relax – I picked up a really nice ergonomic lawn chair from Cabela’s a couple of years ago, so I can do this without risking my back.  When we built our house, a front porch was my only requirement.  I have not used it nearly enough over the past 25 years.
  • Get more new items on our website – I put the new Dylusions releases on our site on Monday.  The past two days I have been working on the new Memory Box dies, and if all goes well I should finish those today.
  • Write a post on this blog – if you have missed me, this is probably why.  If you haven’t, now you probably think I need to get busy again.

I am not saying that the pace of my life is any slower – not by a long shot.  But it feels that way, just a bit . . .

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