Monday, July 21, 2014

“Yep, I Made It!”

I know that quite a few of you have been waiting for a report on Walter’s 100th birthday celebration.  I intended to get a couple of pictures when I got back from last weekend’s show in Texas – but I spent all day Monday at an International Trucks depot in Memphis while repairs were made on our company truck.  So this will have to suffice.

I talked with Gary on Saturday, and he said that a nurse at the facility where Walter recently moved greeted him on Friday morning – “Good morning Walter, it’s your 100th birthday!”

And Walter’s response was “Yep, I made it!”

20140716_155002 20140716_154914

Here are a couple of shots of the big card that was made in the store so that customers and friends could add a personal greeting.


And a shot I took of the box where your cards for Walter were being gathered as they arrived – I suspect it was overflowing by the time the day actually arrived.

Thanks to all for being part of this special celebration!

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