Friday, December 6, 2013

White Death Alert . . .

Southwestern Ohio is at Defcon 5 today – has been since Wednesday, when the first Winter Storm Warning was posted.  Yesterday, the grocery stores were jammed and there were long lines at the gas stations.  The forecast is for 4” to 8”.  For those of you who live north of us, there is another word for that forecast – flurries.  But if you’re in the warm and sunny (most of the time) south, you may actually envy us.

I’ll be happy to trade . . .

Usually, if the weather weasels predict something more than 48 hours in advance around here, there is a very realistic chance that none of it will happen.  But since they were right on the edge of that 48-hour window, I was a little concerned.  When I got up this morning, it was merely sleeting.  But that started to change by late morning – and for those of you who get your jollies out of watching snow pile up, I took three different pictures of the same scene . . .


11:30 – just switching over from rain to snow


1:00 – yeah, looks like it might snow a little


2:30 – look at my headlights and you’ll see the difference.  But you’ll also notice that the salt is taking effect on the street – and this is a side street without much traffic.

And since when did they start naming winter storms that produce only a few inches?  Apparently this thing has a name and what’s coming for Sunday has a different one.  Seriously . . .

Y’all have a great weekend – I’ll be here at the mail center filling your orders.


  1. I just want to say that you and all of the group do an awesome job of taking care of business. I know that I am not your biggest customer, but I am always treated well. Just so you know that you are all appreciated!!

  2. Greetings from warm and sunny Tampa, Florida! Can't say that I envy ya'll at all! But I hope you survive this bad weather and all is well! Thank you for all of your great service!