Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day Six Is Dominated by Stencils . . .

We’re in the home stretch now – Day Six of Marco’s Top 12 Favorites for Christmas 2013 (and this is the first time I didn’t have to look up the title to make sure I got the words in the right order – and then I did anyway just to make sure).

Today, Debbie Cosenza and Chris Mach create a couple of great projects featuring Tim Holtz Layering Stencils, Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi Stencils, and Archival Wendy Vecchi Designer Series Inkpads.  All of these are 20% Off the MSRP through December 17.

Yesterday I forgot to provide a link to the video just in case you can’t see it in the e-mail feed.  Today, I remembered . . .

Stop back tomorrow as we wrap it all up with a long video and multiple favorites – and by popular demand (translation – Gary told me to do it), there will be a link to a single page on our website where you’ll find all of the favorites!


  1. Thanks for the great videos on using embossing paste and stencils. Just received an order of Wendy V's e.p. and am anxious to try these examples. Wish I could enlarge the screen to see fthe examples a little better. Thanks again!

    1. There is always the option to make the video go "full screen" -- in the bottom right corner (right next to "YouTube"), you'll see four "brackets" in sort of a rectangle -- click in that rectangle and the video will go full screen.