Monday, December 9, 2013

Look Out Letterman–Marco’s Has Its Own “Top 12” List . . .

We’re going to have some fun with our own “Top 12 List of Christmas Favorites” – and it’s going to last for an entire week!  I get absolutely no credit for this one – it all goes to two of our instructor/demo artists . . .

debbiecosenza1 ChrisMach

Starting today and going through Sunday, December 15, Debbie Cosenza and/or Chris Mach will show you how to use something you might have heard of but haven’t had a chance to try.  Most of them were introduced this year – some just in the last few weeks.  Debbie and Chris spent a lot of time working on these videos, and Debbie’s husband Curt served as director/editor/videographer.

Each day, the video will be featured in the blog post, on our Facebook page, and on a special page on our website.  When each video is released, the featured items will be added to the list on our site at 20% Off the MSRP through December 17.  So you’ll be able to order items as you see them, or wait until the 15th when you’ve seen them all and choose your favorites.

Here’s the first – watch Chris Mach play with the Perfect Airbrush Color Spritzer.  The MSRP is $14.99, but through December 17 you can order it for $11.99.  I think if you receive the blog by e-mail, the video above will show up as a black box – to see the video, you can click in the box or on this link . . .

Enjoy – more tomorrow!

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  1. What a splendid idea! Thanks so much to whoever thought this up, and thanks to Debbie, Chris, and Curt for making this happen. This first one out of the box was excellent and I'll be tuning in every day to see all of the rest - I'm sure they're also going to be great - and full of very useful tips as well. And I appreciate the break in price, Greg - thanks!