Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day Four -- Short and Sweet . . .

We have reached Day Four of Marco’s Top 12 Favorites for Christmas 2013.  Today’s entry is short and sweet – a little over three minutes on the Envelope Punch Board.  Most of you have seen it – a lot of you already have one – but today Chris Mach is also going to show you how to make an envelope liner, which is a must for a truly artistic creation.

If you don’t see a video above this line, click on this link to see it.

If you don’t have an Envelope Punch Board – or if you’d like to give one to a friend – it is 20% Off the MSRP through December 17.  And if you tried to order the Metallic PanPastels yesterday and couldn’t get the 20% Off price to come up in your cart, you’re not alone – apparently something glitched in the system and the sale prices dropped out when I tried to turn them on.  I fixed it this morning – sorry about that.

One final note today for those of you who like to plan ahead – the last three videos in this series are longer, so you may want to fix yourself a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate each day before you sit down to watch them.  The one that will appear in this space on Sunday is almost eighteen minutes long – that might require two cups!

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