Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your Efforts Are Requested Again . . .

I got a message last night from our friend Joe Krivitski from Seaside Stampin’ Ink – he was scheduled to have a total hip replacement this morning at 8:45 and was requesting prayers from those folks who lifted up his wife Kathy, his daughter Danielle, and his granddaughter Gracie at different points over the past couple of years.  Those of you who have met Joe probably know that he can project a tough guy image, but underneath he is a teddy bear and an old softie.  And this time, he was a scared old softie teddy bear.

I haven’t heard anything yet, but this blog e-mails out to most of you at 3:00 p.m. EST so I assume that by now the surgery has already taken place.  I did put a message out on our Facebook page last night – and it got the same type of attention that such messages get here.

That said, Joe has a recovery period ahead of him and your prayers would still be appreciated.

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