Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Big Sale Does Not Require Waiting in a Long Line on Thanksgiving Evening . . .

I have been following the “Opening on Thanksgiving for Black Friday” conversations and commentaries in the media and social media with a personal interest – because it affects our family gatherings this year.  Ryan has to leave for work at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday because Best Buy opens at 6:00 p.m., so Thanksgiving dinner was moved up to noon and our usual Thanksgiving evening desserts at my brother’s house will take place tonight instead.  Thankfully (and surprisingly), everyone could accommodate Ryan’s schedule – he was already dreading Black Friday and missing a family gathering would have made it worse, especially since for the first time Thanksgiving dinner is being held at his condo!

Don’t kid yourselves, folks – if you are planning to hit the stores tomorrow evening, I can almost guarantee you that most of the salespeople would prefer to be home eating leftovers and watching football with their families.  So please be especially nice to them.

This whole idea of being open on Thanksgiving is partly my fault.  It was 1976 (maybe 1977 – my memory is a little cloudy on that), and we were having a a discussion at the grocery where I worked during high school and college about how boring Thanksgiving morning was while we were waiting for dinner and football to commence.  And someone said “Why don’t we open the store from 8:00 until noon?  We can kill the time, get paid for it, and still get home before the first game starts.”  So four of us went to the owner and asked if we could open the store on Thanksgiving morning.  That first year, we wondered whether anyone would come in – what we got was a steady stream of customers who were missing one ingredient or another for Thanksgiving dinner and were thrilled that we were open.  So the same four of us opened the store the next Thanksgiving morning – and the one after that – and a tradition was born.

One of those four now owns that grocery – and it is now open all day on Thanksgiving.  I had nothing to do with that . . .

Enough on that subject . . . let’s move on. 

Drumroll please . . . I suspect that some of you have been waiting for this . . .


Just in case the type in the graphic doesn’t show up clearly on your computer -- 25% Off Sitewide Through Tuesday, December 3!  We're again combining Turkey Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday and into one neat package -- and you don't even have to leave the house!  Take 25% Off the regular price of everything on our site -- the sale price will show up in your cart.  Online and phone orders only -- Classes, Gift Certificates and Previous Purchases not included.

So please take some time this weekend and save!  It requires no long lines or leaving your family gathering early – you have almost a week to do your shopping!  Based on the response in past years, please be patient with us -- it may take a little longer than normal to ship your order, but we'll be working as fast as we can!

And don’t forget this . . .


From now through December 17, all retail orders $30.00 or more ship FREE in the Continental U.S.  For orders from outside the Continental U.S., we'll ship by Priority Mail for 1/2 the rate the USPS charges us (there will be some exceptions to areas were the Priority Mail rates are just outrageous, but this should work easily for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, etc.).  When you are asked to "calculate shipping & handling" in your cart, make sure to click on the button that says "Free Shipping"

IMG_20131125_202146_642 IMG_20131125_221001_646

I spent Monday evening doing my Thanksgiving baking (chocolate mint cookies and pumpkin cream cheese muffins) while watching Monday Night Football, then made a cheeseball last night.  So I’m looking forward to a relaxing couple of days.

IMG_20131126_090155_003 IMG_20131126_090155_0032

I took this picture on my way out of the YMCA yesterday morning – we had a dusting of snow overnight, but with absolutely no wind all of the tiny twigs on this bush had an accumulation.  I tried to blow up a small portion of the picture, but I guess there isn’t enough resolution on a cell phone picture.


Finally, my Thanksgiving gift to you – Nala's selection of new places to nap continues to amaze me. I took a short break from folding Ryan's t-shirts after removing them from the dryer -- and this is what I found when I returned . . .

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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