Thursday, November 14, 2013

From Your Eyes to Ours . . . and Then to Our Website . . . and Then to Your Mailbox

I have always been indebted to our customers.  Two of them changed my life 18 years ago when they wandered into the little front room of our print shop.  They saw the stacks of paper and scraps that we sold by word of mouth to churches, teachers, etc., and said “We’re rubber stampers – you should be marketing to us.”

We thanked them and they left – but under our collective breath, our response was something approaching “Are they nuts?”

They weren’t nuts – they were planting a seed.  It took nearly a year, but on that day my life changed – I got a new job without changing employers.

And they started a process that continues to this day – we really try to listen to our customers.  Most of the best ideas we have ever had came from one (or more) of you – and it means a lot when you see something new that excites you and take the time to e-mail or call or put a note on our Facebook page.

Yesterday was one of those days.  It didn’t start until last night – Cathy Yamashita from Indiana was the first, followed closely by Robyn Josephs from North Carolina.  Both had seen an announcement that I had missed – Tim Holtz is releasing Two New Layering Stencils . . .

THS015 THS016

And here they are – Holly Bough and Harlequin.  You can order them separately or as part of a complete set of 16 stencils.

The news gets better – they will be here on Friday!

Please indulge me, I need to rant a little – it would have made much more sense to me if those who make such decisions had made sure that the existing layering stencils were plentiful before coming out with new ones.  There are three stencils from the first release that have been on backorder for a long time – none of our suppliers have any – and it makes it impossible to ship orders for complete sets until they arrive.  Yet we can get lots and lots of the new ones.  Strange . . .

That said, I am still pleased that the new stencils are arriving so quickly.  Thanks t0 Cathy and Robyn for bringing them to our attention – and to all of you who have done so on similar new items in the past!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you are right on top of all the new products and your communication to your customers is STELLAR! You are the epitome of world-class customer service. And free shipping into the middle of December, too - OUTSTANDING! Don't mean to gush but you really deserve the gushing LOL

  2. Yay! I love the news on all the new products, BUT I am even more glad that this blog is being updated more often! I love reading about what you are doing and what's new out there. I have ordered many things from you, just because of your videos or descriptions. Keep it coming!