Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Item, Free Shipping, Weather Rants, and More . . .


You may have wanted to see that more than anything else I might have to say.  Yep, our annual Free Shipping Offer has begun and will run through December 17.  All of the fine print is in the fine print above – if you’re in the Continental U.S., all you really need to know is that your order needs to be $30 or over, and you need to click on the button that says “Free Shipping” when the shipping options come up.


This is the latest of the “just arriveds” – Bow-It-All seems appropriate for this time of year, doesn’t it?  It makes lots of different types of bows and you can see video tutorials here for practically all of them.


This is pretty neat if you like all things Tim Holtz – click on this link or on the graphic above and you’ll go to a neat flipbook catalog that shows just about everything Tim puts his name on these days.  And of course, if you find something you like you know where you can get it . . .


The highlight of my weekend was doing the play-by-play on the internet broadcast of my local high school’s first-round state playoff game (yes, I did link to the archived broadcast – there will be one person out there somewhere who will ask me if there is a way for her to listen to part of it – but you’ll have to scroll through about 20 minutes of music before we actually start talking).  A local photographer takes pictures at all of the games, and this was the only shot he posted that showed the press box.  So I added the arrow – I’m in the farthest window on the right.  It was an exciting game and our boys lost in the last minutes of the game.  This is also my absence excuse to the nice folks at the Birch Run, Michigan convention last weekend – when Sherry moved the show up a week, I knew there could be a conflict.  I missed announcing a playoff game for a show 14 years ago – I was miserable and decided that I had to have some priorities.

IMG_20131110_160335_441 IMG_20131110_141135_974

Sunday, my friend Tom and I paid a farewell visit to the golf course that we grew up on and have played for more than 40 years – we learned that it will be closing permanently at the end of the year.  The picture at left is the hole on the course that has the most personality.  But the picture at right has more meaning for me – that’s the site of my first (and so far only) hole-in-one 33 years ago.


Monday, we got this – gas prices dropped below $3.00 and stayed there for more than a day (the last time, they jumped 30 cents after about two hours).  But as usual, good things don’t last long – they jumped almost 40 cents last night.

IMG_20131112_082346_390 IMG_20131112_082313_424

And Tuesday, we got this – thankfully, it lasted about as long as sub-$3.00 gas . . .


For the animal lovers – I took this just before I left for the playoff game on Saturday.  Nala was on top of the living room couch sunning herself just before dark – it was like a spotlight on her and I couldn’t resist . . .

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