Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Interrupt This Weekend Tale . . .

Today was going to be the story of last weekend, and everything that happened at my house wrapped around the work on my roof.  But that can wait a couple of days.  While I was at our store yesterday gathering goodies for this weekend’s Deer Widow’s Weekend show in Birch Run, Michigan, a better opportunity presented itself . . .


These are two very special people in the Marco's family.  Walter White is Gary's 97-year-old father-in-law -- he still works a few afternoons a week in our back room.  And Bryden Ihle is Karen and David's six-month-old grandson.  This all started because Karen reminded me that I had not posted a shot of her grandbaby since he was a newborn.  Then Walter wandered past on his way to the front door just as I was switching my cell phone to camera mode.

I assume that you will agree that this is better than a story about roofing and shingles . . .


  1. wow. He does not look 97. Cool that he's still so active. The baby's cute, too :)

  2. this is so great, the circle of life, all connected. how is your mom doing?