Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Roofing Story Is More of a Dog’s Tale . . .

My “hectic day” story from last Saturday was intended to be a story in pictures of how I spent the morning filling orders for the Seasonal Distress Ink Sets while I waited for the temperature to climb . . . how I spent the afternoon painting cedar boards that the roofers were using as replacements on my house . . . how I spent the evening announcing our local high school’s playoff win.  But after a week of other items of more importance, I’ll just pare the story down to the only part of it that most of you really want to see . . .

2011-11-05_13-37-07_891 2011-11-05_13-37-15_399
2011-11-05_15-56-37_986 2011-11-05_15-12-25_54

. . . the pictures of the dog.  Zoe spent the morning with me in the house while I filled orders, and the afternoon with me in the yard while I painted.  We really weren’t sure how she would handle all of the commotion and strangers in the yard, but she was true to her training and stayed near me while I worked.  It was a full day, we accomplished a lot, and the football game in the evening was the icing on my cake.


  1. what a good dog. i asssume you got her as a puppy, and really followed all the training and that she isn't your first dog. i have a resue pom with issues lol, she is my first dog so we are learning together. she was abused but is slooowly improving, hates other dogs w a passion, and don't think about taking anything she considers hers. i keep holding Zoe up as an example but so far Miss is not impressed.

  2. Thanks to Zoe's hard work, all tasks accomplished in a timely manner!

  3. Too cute....gotta love the pressures of reigning over the household!

  4. Wow, she's a queen in your house, and nothing can be more relaxing after working hard than staying with her. I think she's also a lucky charm since you finished all of the tasks successfully, right?

  5. HolidayRoofingFloridaJune 21, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    Good to see dogs are getting into the roofing industry as well! They have been talking about it for awhile now.